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Get privacy without losing natural light.

Frosted film, also known as sandblast film, or acid etch film provides privacy, yet still allows natural light to pass through. Usually white or grey in colour, specialty coloured frosted films are available too. Perfect for office partition glass, residential front door glass inserts, sidelights, bathroom windows and more.

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Transform the look of your glass.

Decorative window films can turn an ordinary clear window into something more private and more exciting without the expense or hassle of window replacement. Whether a plain frosted film, frosted film with a custom logo or design cut-out, or an elaborate decorative pattern, decorative film is the perfect way to transform a window from ordinary to extraordinary.


As seen in the Canada Goose logo cut-out to the right, frosted and other decorative films can have a custom logo or pattern cut-out of the film. This process is done by computer and requires the use of a vector file (.eps or .ai format). The entire area of a window can be frosted with the pattern area being cut-out, ie- clear glass, or vice versa. The entire window can be left as clear glass with the logo or pattern area alone being frosted. Either way, this is a great way to provide semi-privacy, corporate branding, and beautiful decor for any window.


Opaque films are totally opaque and come in a wide variety of colours. Commonly used as “block-out” films in construction, to hide drywall studs or insulation from being visible from outside through the glass, they are the perfect privacy solution when a standard frosted film isn’t enough. These durable films are suitable for both interior and exterior installations, logo or pattern cut outs, and can be used for light blockage as well.


Decorative films are also available with pre-made designs such as stained glass patterns, repetitive lines, dots, squares, circles, leaves, and more.

This “pebbles” pattern decorative film provided the perfect level of privacy and decor for a Toronto company’s boardroom.

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