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Commercial & residential window tint

Used primarily for sun control, solar film blocks out varying amounts of heat and light transmitted through a window, as well as 99% of the UV.

Not all solar films have to be dark. From almost completely clear, to pitch black, there are many different shades and hues.

Window Film Toronto

This commercial unit was tinted with a silver reflective mirror tint, which makes the glass look like a mirror from outside, while still allowing vision out from inside.


Frosted privacy films, patterns, logos & more

Decorative film can transform an ordinary clear window into something more private and decorative without the expense of window replacement. Frosted film is an elegant way of providing privacy or semi privacy for any window without blocking all the light. Decorative films can sometimes be applied to surfaces other than windows - such as drywall, metal, elevator surfaces, and more.

Security Window Film

This Canada Goose logo is cut out of a frosted film and applied to a large window for corporate branding and semi - privacy.

Graphic Film toronto

This “pebbles” pattern film was applied to a Toronto company’s boardroom glass for decor & privacy.


Clear glass protection to prevent break & enters

Security film strengthens glass to from an almost invisible barrier, slowing down any break through and deterring thieves. It holds broken shards intact in the framing system, making any window safer in the event of breakage. Security films also block out 99% of the UV, and can be tinted or frosted for glass protection as well as privacy.

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